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Comfort, quality and price with the SureStay Hotel Group

Reflecting its longstanding commitment to its guests and to those seeking excellence in hotel accommodations, Best Western Hotels & Resorts is rolling out its latest lodging experience with SureStay hotels.

Each trip and each traveler are different, with different needs and requirements. Best Western has created this new hotel experience to combine quality and service at the best value in order to provide quality accommodations for the varying types of guests.

SureStay Hotel Group has three brands to pamper its guests and offers a unique lodging experience to each type of traveler, providing better service and unique options to compete within the industry.

SureStay by Best Western

Comfort at the best price! SureStay offers the best services to ensure a quiet, productive stay with great rates.

SureStay Plus

SureStay Plus includes the numerous facilities and services you expect to find during your trip. If you travel for business, you’ll find workstations that in the lobby and computers with a printer for all of your business needs. Many SureStay Plus hotels also have a gym and a relaxing pool.

SureStay Collection by Best Western

The SureStay Collection by Best Western consists of carefully selected properties with the shared commitment to offer guests an exceptional travel experience. These hotels are full-service establishments equipped with restaurants, bars, gyms and swimming pools at select locations.

All brands and locations come equipped with flat screen TVs and free Wi-Fi in the rooms as well as including breakfast for the guests with fresh products and brewed coffee.

Visit our website to learn more about the SureStay brands and franchising opportunities that are backed by the excellence and quality that characterizes Best Western.

No matter if you travel for work or for pleasure, alone or as a family, SureStay Hotel Group will undoubtedly be the perfect accommodation for those days away from home.

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