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International Maya Culture Festival in Mérida

Mérida is a destination that never ceases to amaze.

Besides being a beautiful Maya city in Mexico with delicious regional cuisine, surrounded by natural and archeological beauty, Merida is a place where you’ll always find something exciting to do.

Since 2012, the International Maya Culture Festival has been held in Mérida. It’s here that theater, literature, music and art events are held. There’ll also be academic, scientific and tourism meetings as well. Each year has a specific theme, this year it’s "Today’s Mayas".

From October 19-28, 2018 you can attend this cultural folk festival. Round tables are expected where you’ll be able to engage in discussions about Maya cosmogony and mythology. There’ll be workshops to take care of the Earth, Yucatecan Trova concerts, painting and photography exhibits, guiñol theater presentations, and Mexican literature, among a variety of additional events that are perfect for the whole family.

The importance of the Maya in Mexico

The Maya culture was one of the most important in the pre-Hispanic era. It stood out for its hieroglyphic writing, art, architecture and for its complex mathematics systems, astronomy and ecology.

The Mayas are not a dead culture

The heirs still live and populate the Mexican southeast and parts of Central America. They speak more than 30 indigenous Mayan languages ​​with which they preserve their cultural rituals, knowledge, art and agricultural traditions.

This year, the International Festival of the Maya Culture will pay homage to those living Maya.

India will be the guest country for this occasion, as its cultural wealth is as great and fascinating as Mesoamerican. The invited Mexican state will be Aguascalientes, known for its beautiful frayed embroidery, a textile tradition that it shares with Yucatán.

We invite you to enjoy the International Festival of Maya Culture this year and take this as an opportunity to experience Merida, a charming Maya city with deep traditional roots that we’re sure will leave you fascinated.

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Photo: Mexico

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