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The Best Mexican Destinations for Foodies

Mexican cuisine is one of the best in the world. We have internationally recognized top chefs who’ve manifested their passion to discover the best flavors, combinations and fine ingredients in Mexico. Likewise, many prestigious gastronomic lists position us among the 10 best cuisines in the world.

Without further ado, here are the best destinations for foodies in Mexico.


Of all the Mexican cuisine, Oaxacan cuisine is possibly the most complex in terms of interesting ingredients, delicate flavors, savory aromas and unique textures. Wherever you go in this beautiful state you’ll eat well, but it’s capital city of Oaxaca is especially a must for foodies at heart.
Must-experience cuisine: mole, tlayudas, jerky and chocolate water (it’s not chocolate milk!).


Yucatan is one of the richest states in Mexico when referring to culture, history, nature and gastronomy. In its capital city of Merida, you can eat like a king, enjoying flavors as old as the Mayans.
Make sure to sample: cochinita pibil (either in tacos, panuchos or in a torta), pork sausage, lime soup, black stuffing, papadzules and motuleño eggs.

Mexico City

We can’t talk about Mexican cuisine without mentioning Mexico City — a mecca for foodies because in Mexico City is where you can find flavors and delicacies from all of the country! With options ranging from street food and local restaurants, to gourmet markets and haute cuisine restaurants, Mexico City delivers options for everything for everyone.
Foodie tips: try the tacos al pastor - they’re are the obsession of all the capital city!


With its great variety of traditional cuisine and haute cuisine, Guadalajara has positioned itself as one of the best destinations for foodies in Mexico.
You must try: drowned cakes, pozole, and birria.

Valley of Guadalupe

With its extensive vineyards and unique cuisine that fuses seafood with fresh products from the region, Valle de Guadalupe is a favored foodie destination in Mexico.
Make sure to try: the regional wine, savory oils, the lobster (it’s said that Puerto Nuevo is the best in all of Mexico) and they’re also known for their cuts of meat.

As you can see, the Mexican cuisine is diverse and complex, with options and flavors that will tempt every palate. If you want to enjoy it, we invite you to travel around Mexico and stay with us at Best Western Hotels. We have hotels in the best destinations in the country, where we’ll offer you the best hotel experience with comfortable rooms and first class service.

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