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These are the most iconic buildings in Mexico City

Mexico City is the first place in America with the largest number of places declared as World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO, thanks to its cultural and architectural wealth.

There are sites that still preserve entire parts of pre-Hispanic cities, colonial buildings that remain almost intact and modernist constructions, which have given life to the new Mexican architecture.

In this post you will find some of the most important historical buildings in Mexico, which will make you want to take the first flight to get to know more about its architecture, its history and why not, also to capture some shots of Mexico City and share them on your Instagram account.

Mexico Post Office Building

Also known as Postal Palace or Fifth House of Postal Service, this is one of the most emblematic buildings in the historical center. It dates from the Porfiriato, since its construction began in 1902 and was in charge of the Italian architect Adamo Boari. Its style is Elizabethan Plateresque combined with a Venetian Gothic style.

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Latin American Tower

It is one of the iconic skyscrapers of Mexico City, located right at the corner of Francisco I. Madero and Eje Central streets. It was designed by the architect Augusto H. Álvarez and finished in 1956. It was built with an hydraulic system and a foundation drawer that allows it to float over the water of the freatic level. On 1957 it was recognized by the American Institute of Steel Construction as the tallest building ever to withstand an earthquake. This building has withstood the earthquakes from 1956, 1985 and the last, on September 19, 2017.

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Metropolitan Cathedral of Mexico City

It is located in the historical center and is the ultimate example of colonial architecture, it took three centuries to build it; the construction began in 1524 and finished on 1813, being in charge the architect Manuel Tolsá. In its walls you can see the different phases of Viceroy Mexico, as the different architectural styles are easily distinguished, some with renaissance, baroque and neoclassical elements. As a curious fact, the first stone of the Metropolitan Cathedral was placed by Hernán Cortés on 1524.

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Palace of Fine Arts

This list could not be complete without including one of the most beautiful sites of Mexico City, the Palace of Fine Arts. Its construction began in 1904, in order to replace the demolished National Theater of Mexico, being in charge of the Italian architect Adamo Boari, who designed the eclectic building mixing Art Nouveau and Art Decó styles. In its interior there are works of Mexican muralists like David Alfaro Siqueiros, Diego Rivera and Jose Clemente Orozco. Its construction was suspended several times due to different reasons; economic problems in the country, the departure of Boari from Mexico and the outbreak of the Mexican Revolution. The Palace of Fine Arts was officially inaugurated on September 29, 1934, by the architect Federico Mariscal. The building was built on a clay called Montmorillonite, which caused the gradual sinking of the Palace ; by the year 1921 had already sunk more than 1.80 meters and today you can see that the Palace is several meters below the level of the street.

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MUAC (University Museum of Contemporary Art)

It is the first museum dedicated to the diffusion of contemporary art in Mexico. The construction was in charge of the architect Teodoro González de León and it took two years to finish. Its architecture is futuristic style, it has an interesting lighting design; all its rooms have filtered natural light that produces enveloping light, which allows better appreciation of the works in the interior.

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Gran Hotel Ciudad de México

Another iconic building in Mexico City is this magnificent hotel located in the Historical Center, designed by Daniel Garza. It stands out for the beauty of its Art Nouveau architecture, its old elevators and its majestic Tiffany stained glass in the lobby, the fourth largest in the world, which is protected by the National Institute of Fine Arts.

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Monument to the Mexican Revolution

This is perhaps one of the most recognized constructions of the city. The Monument to the Revolution is an architectural work and mausoleum dedicated to its commemoration. This work was in charge of Carlos Obregón Santacilia, who took it after the ill-fated Legislative Palace of Émile Bénard. Here are the remains of Venustiano Carranza, Francisco I. Madero, Plutarco Elías Calles, Lázaro Cárdenas and Francisco Villa. It is located in Colonia Tabacalera, very close to the Historical Center. Today you can access to the first dome where there is a terrace that works as an internal viewpoint and also the panoramic elevator that has telescopes that work with coins and a café with small tables and a souvenir store.

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Soumaya Museum

Located in the Nuevo Polanco area, this building is one of the new architectural icons of the city. Its avant-garde design consists of a brilliant asymmetrical structure covered by more than 16,000 aluminum plates. It was designed by the Mexican architect Fernando Romero. The museum is divided into 6 floors connected by elevators and a spiral ramp. His main goal has been to share the collection of the Carlos Slim Foundation, which has more than 30 centuries of American and European art in a collection of more than 70,000 pieces. The name honors the memory of Soumaya Domit, wife of the businessman, who died in 1999. It was inaugurated in 2011, it remains open 365 days a year and access is completely free.

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