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Traditional pulquerías in Mexico City

Known as "the drink of the gods", pulque is a millenary fermented drink from Mexico, which in prehispanic times was linked to the sacred, so its consumption was limited to only a few people.

Fortunately, this has changed and is currently a very popular drink among young people and adults. It can be found mainly in pulquerías, which, according to historians, have their origin between the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.

In Mexico City, a lot of pulque is consumed. These are some of the most traditional pulquerías that you can find in Mexico’s vibrant capital city:


Pulquería La Risa

This pulquería has been in the historic city center since 1903, still preserving its original façade and furniture, as well as being attended by the same family that inaugurated it. The pulques they sell come from Tlaxcala and can be accompanied by traditional Mexican snacks.

Address: Mesones #71, centro histórico.


Pulquería Las Duelistas

Inaugurated in 1912, Las Duelistas is one of the most famous pulquerías in the city. Its current owner renewed it to give it a more modern image, but its pulques still have the same flavor as 100 years ago.

Address: Aranda #28, centro histórico.


Pulquería La Hija de los Apaches

A few steps away from the Roma neighborhood -one of the trendiest areas in the city-, locates this pulquería that has become a favorite among young people. It is said that here you will never find the same flavor of pulque two days in a row, since the family that owns it is constantly inventing new flavors with the least expected combinations. On weekends there is live music, and on Tuesdays and Wednesdays you can dance salsa.

Address: Claudio Bernard #149, colonia Doctores.


Pulquería La Pirata

With over 70 years of existence, here you can only drink pulque by the liter. “La Pirata” is mainly visited by elderly people, who also like to enjoy the tasty stews they serve in here.

Address: 13 de septiembre y 12 de diciembre, colonia Escandón.


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